Why Mommy Must Spank The Babies
August 2, 2015
There was a Multi-color Multi-numbers.
Counting with Mommy
October 3, 2015

Bad Mommy



I don’t know if you heard yet, but Mommy has been very naughty lately. I have been extremely dirty, with our neighbor Henry. After Mommy drives you over to your friend’s house, I go next door to visit. I might need to be punished, for all the bad things I have done. I don’t want to get into the details quite yet. I do want you to keep this a secret for me. If Mommy finds out, that you told anyone, I will have to punish you severely, with my big strap on. I will be seeing the neighbor today morning too. I don’t know yet, what we have planned yet. Maybe next week, you can come over with Mommy. I’m sure Henry wouldn’t mind meeting you. I’ll even show him the diapers, you are wearing. I would love for us all three, to play together soon. I’ll even email you a free naughty photo of me, during our fun call. If you are a good boy, then maybe we can play dress up, as well.

Mommy Janey

Naughty Mommy


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