The man's complete nude body was locked by the chain and the lock by a female Dominatrix.
Naughty Mommy Whore
July 13, 2018
A Mummy and a Boy are sitting on the floor, and she is displaying her boobs, while the boy is resting on the mummy's lap like a baby, displaying his pornography.
Mommy Liz’s Naughty Lessons! (part one)
July 26, 2018

Jimmy smiled at himself in the mirror, running his hands down the silky bra and pantie set he had pulled from his Mommy’s lingerie drawer and dressed himself in. It made watching the Mommy fetish porn that he adored a much more fulfilling experience, almost like she was there with him, and had lovingly wrapped him in her pretty things, kissing him softly and telling him how pretty he was in her panties. He groaned, gripping his cock hard through the silky fabric as he imagined her, every curve and dimple. It didn’t matter how taboo anyone else thought it was, it felt so right to want his Mommy like this, to crave her touch and attention like this. Jimmy stroked his cock faster, needing to cum for her, wishing she knew. He heard a gasp from the door and looked up right as his orgasm hit, filling her panties with thick, hot cum and soaking the front of them entirely, outlining his throbbing cock. He knew he was in for punishment from Mommy!

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