a humiliating experience The girl was standing on the floor, dressed in black.
Sissified and Humiliated!
February 21, 2019
A Fetish Diaper for Adults She is seated on the floor and is dressed in a white diaper.
Undercover Diaper Lover
May 8, 2019
lactation kink, breast fetish

 Why don’t you rest in Mommy’s lap and suckle like a good adult baby? I want you to wrap your lips around my nipple and get mouthful after mouthful of my warm milk to fill up your belly.  I’ll even let you play a little bit, pressing your fingers against my nipple so that you can watch my milk leak out, streaming down your fingers and across my skin.  Press just a little bit harder, not too much, and my milk will nearly spurt out into your open mouth! There’s nothing quite like an abdl Mommy’s milk, and for some sweet adult babies it gets them all excited and worked up! A little lactation gets their peepees hard and aching inside their soft, comfy adult baby diapers. And what sort of Mommy would I be if I did help my baby feel good, help out with that frustration? Not a very good one! Call me for mommy phone sex so I can help make you feel so much better!



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