An adult male was seated in the Baby Pose, dressed in a pink baby costume.
How Much of a Diaper Lover Are You
December 20, 2020
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Brenda’s Hot Strap-On Sex
January 2, 2021

MILFAs I lay on my bed I close my eyes and fantasize about the fun I had with my adult baby.  He knows exactly how to please me and I love that about him.  I remember the last time he pleasured me.  He approached me while I was standing and he kissed me gently on my neck.  There was no need for us to speak to each other since words were unnecessary, we just had to look into each others eyes and let the mood happen. 

I took the hand of my diaper lover and walked him to my bedroom and I laid back gently on the bed.  He got on his knees and took my foot in his hand that was cradled in my latex stiletto shoe.  He kissed the front of my foot that was still in the stiletto then he slowly undid the buckle of the shoe and removed it from my foot.  He did the same for the other then he took both of my feet in his hands and kissed the tips of my toes. 

He took out from his blazer’s pocket a small bottle of maple syrup and he opened it and poured it all over my feet.  I am not sure how he warmed it up but the syrup was of a warm sensation as it was poured on my pretty feet.  He let it drip and he devoured all of the stickiness of the syrup away by using his tongue as a machine to maneuver the liquid from my feet to his throat.  The way he sucked my toes was so sensual, so sexual, so seductive and so sweet and afterwards he massaged the balls of my feet and each toe individually. 

I felt the same warm sensation of the syrup as it traveled up from my feet to my shin to my knee and to my inner thighs.  His talented tongue followed as it traveled up my body which his mouth sucked and devoured every inch of my beautiful legs.  Then he separated my thighs and he poured the syrup on my vaginal mound then the liquid traveled down my cunt to my outer vaginal lips then it seeped through to my inner cunt lips. 

My adult baby diaper lover used  his nose to wipe the liquid in my vaginal lips then his tongue did a sexy dance around my cunt while his mouth sucked me up like a juicy steak.  He took the tip of his tongue and circled my clit then his mouth sucked my clit in an up and down manner where he was jerking off my clit’s hood with his mouth. 

He started rubbing my pussy lips with his fingers while his tongue and mouth pleasured my pretty pussy, then he used his tongue to penetrate my pussy hole and my pussy spat cum juices all over his mouth and face.  My body jerked and shivered and trembled and shook as I experience multiple orgasms back to back. 

And when I recall that moment, I masturbate with glee at that amazing sexual memory. I am now pinching my nipples and I am fondling my wet and sticky cunt with two fingers and I am alternating between tasting my own pussy juices and fucking my hot cunt with my slender fingers. I am jerk my erect clit rapidly and now I am screaming as I cum multiple times and my pussy is contracting and twitching with every orgasmic eruption.  



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