With her bra removed, the little girl displays her Sexy Hot Little Boobs.
Mommy Crissy Loves Taboo
April 27, 2017
It was wonderful to see an adult sex toy.
Teasing Mommy Phone Sex
April 29, 2017

Do you know who’s the diapered cutie who loves abdl phone sex? Well i’ll give you one hint, look in the mirror because it’s you!  You’re the cutest when Mommy breast feeds you  and your little eyes get so tired and Mommy gets to put you down for your nap.   You look so cute and grumpy right after nap time. Sometimes you wake up fussier than before and Mommy has to do her best to take care of her cranky adult baby. Mommy always makes sure to check your diaper when you’re in a bad mood because a dirty diaper can make any adult baby and diaper boy start acting cranky. Mommy always changes your messy diaper and puts extra baby powder on your bottom so adult baby doesn’t get a diaper raash. Mommy loves taking care of her age play phone sex lover.



Meet the phone sex mommies

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