Mummy was naked in the bathroom, standing in the bath tub.
Taboo Phone Sex
July 13, 2016
For the seductive photograph, the lady strikes a hot and stylish pose.
Phone Sex Time With Mommy Candy
July 23, 2016


Now I have seen you playing with mommy dirty panties. You like the way they smell after mommy has take a nice shit in them don’t you dirty boy! Oh I know you do! Mommy is feeling rather… Gassy tonight why don’t you come take your sweet face and come stick it right up against mommy’s sweet tight ass? Yes just like that good boy! Now I am going to push this nice gas right out breath it all in !! It smells nice doesn’t it I know it does my  sweet boy. Uh here comes another. MMM yesss !!! I know you love the smell of my gas going into your face! It gets you soo hard! Now come here I want you to do it to mommy! We can take turns ! I love giving each other our special gas! Don’t you? Oh baby boy I know you do! So come bend over in front of my face and let one rip! Call me for some Fetish Phone Sex!
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