Oh dear what can the matter be?
April 5, 2010
Bed in Summer
May 14, 2010

They walk down the street-
faces reflecting a calmness so unfamiliar to me.
Little eyes looking up at them;
unknowingly relying upon their presence.

We share the same planet, yet I feel upon another.
To know the warmth of a soft breath upon my neck
and the soundness of sleep upon my breast
is no more than a mystery.

Time does not cure all wounds of the heart
when the soul remains unfulfilled.
My eyes turn to the sky and I wonder why
I am on a path that no longer fits my feet?

Like a flower awaiting spring so it can burst forth
with all its splendor, color and life
so lies my love- dormant within the depths of my heart
yearning to burst forth and be poured upon another.

I push my carriage on the
sidewalks of life and peer into it;
hoping to see love gazing up into my eyes;
unconditional, pure, beautiful and magical-
only to find the carriage empty.
© Ellen M. DuBois


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