He took off his Fetish Diaper for Masturbation when he was sitting on the bed and she was wearing the watch.
Guided Masturbation for Good ABDLs!
October 28, 2019
A man and a woman were in bed together, both naked, in Fetish Stepmom kink Titty fucking.
Titty Fucking Your Stepmom
December 15, 2019
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I’ve got a new baby to play with, and he is lots of fun! We are going to call him Billy for today, and Billy has thought about wearing abdl diapers for a very long time but didn’t try it until he came across a website about it. Now he doesn’t go a day without wearing them and he’s found out that he loves public diaper humiliation on top of everything! He was wearing a soaking wet diaper one evening and I had him to his mailbox. He said that one of his younger female neighbors came outside and saw him, making him scurry back inside him home. When he peeked out a window he said was on her front porch with her roommate, another pretty young woman. When I did finally give him permission to touch himself (after quite a lot of begging on his part!), he came so hard that he was nearly sobbing… and was very, very thankful! Would you like to have a bit of fun just like that? Call me for your own diaper fetish phone sex.



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