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Lonely Adult Baby Phone Sex Part 2
September 15, 2017
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Naughty Boys get Tied Up
September 25, 2017

You love Mommy’s breasts, don’t you? What’s better than resting your head on my chest, especially if I don’t have my shirt or my bra on! You could rest your little head directly on my warm, soft skin while I hold you tight against me. I bet that if you were quiet enough you could hear my heart beating just underneath you.  I would absolutely love to have you resting against my bare skin, to feel your breath rushing across my breast, raising goosebumps that you could brush your fingers against. You would be my sweet adult baby, wouldn’t you? Would you like me to be your very own abdl Mommy? I would take such good care of you, letting you know just how adorable and lovely you are.  How about you call me for the abdl phone sex that you know you really want? I’ll treat you exactly the way that you need!



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