Cuckold’s Bondage High Chair
April 23, 2018
Fluffing Whore
May 1, 2018

My you have been quite the naughty baby while Mommy was away. Did you really think I was just going to let you get away with playing with yourself without any consequences? You should know me better than that! I will not stand for my abdl baby misbehaving so badly. You have really left me with no other option but to place you in chastity until further notice. I can’t have you thinking you have free reign to do anything you want when Mommy is not around to stop you. I will lock you up in this tiny plastic chastity cage and I will hold the only key. You have to earn the right to play with yourself, so I would suggest you start your best behavior right now. If you are ready to submit fully and give over all of your control to a Mommy who knows how to handle you, give me a call to start your adventure!

Mommy Liz

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