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Lacy Playtime

Lacy Playtime

I hate it when daddy leaves me, but sometimes I have my own special Lacy playtime, and it makes me feel better till daddy gets back. Daddy always changes my diaper before he leaves, so I can feel nice and fresh then he leaves me in my room to play while he is gone.

I have my nice plushies to cuddle with and my favorite pink pacifier to suckle on. Pretty soon after daddy leaves I get to feelin really lonely. I start to miss him more and I wish he was there to make me feel good. I lay back on my bed and cuddle my big puppy plushy and I tickle my tummy the way daddy does. Rubbing my hand over my diaper, my hips start to push up.

I slide my hand inside my diaper and feel the warm wetness from the tinkle I made. I tickle my fingers over my smooth pussy lips and close my eyes and hug my plushy tight. I let my fingers slide between my wet lips and start to rub up and down. Squeezing my plushy tight against me I slide a finger inside myself and let my thumb rub up against my clitty. Soon I’m squealing and moaning, pushing my plushy between my legs and wrapping m MMmmm I wrap my legs around him and push my hips against him…. oohh I feel the warm soft feeling coming and moan loudly as I feel my pussy explode in my diaper.

When I catch my breath I pull my plushy back up and wrap my arms around him, getting nice and snuggly. I let myself drift off to sleep feeling happy and fuzzy. I know daddy will be home when I wake up. Wanna join me for my special Lacy playtime?

love, Lacy


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