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Let Have A Great Time!
October 2, 2016
There was a frill and a ribbon design on the hanger where the Sissy Cute Gown was hanging.
Sissy Girl Panties
October 2, 2016
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Naughty Baby


Who’s been a naughty ABDL baby! Pissing in your diaper and not telling Mommy Candy about it! You know you shouldn’t have done that baby, I think you need a nice firm spanking from Mommy Candy’s whip to teach you a lesson you dirty diaper boy. I’ve been trying to potty train you, and you were doing so good until now. You were almost ready to stop wearing diapers fully, but I’m going to have to keep training you for being such a naughty baby. Let Mommy Candy come and whip you all over your nice firm little bottom. Oh that hurts, well you should learn your lesson from this Mommy to not piss without permission. I might just keep you in that wet diaper all day and night. It’d teach you a lesson baby, dealing with that soggy, stinky mess. I love teaching my little naughty diaper babies a lesson!




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