The black outfit she is seated in belongs to a Stylish Silent Lady.
Fetish Dom
September 13, 2017
A Stocking Girl is seated on the bed, dressed in a black stocking has attire.
Abdl Humiliation Phone Sex Part 2
September 15, 2017

Well what do we have here? I think someone is in trouble again aren’t they? You need some strict diaper punishment phone sex to teach you a lesson. What did I tell you about pooping your pants? What did I say was going to happen? Aww you don’t remember? Well let me refresh your memory a bit and tell you exactly what I did to the last naughty little adult baby who thought he could be slick and poop his pants. I took him by the wrist, dragged his poopy butt over towards the rocking chair, and I spanked him over his poopy underwear with my wooden paddle. He was crying and squirming and begging for Mommy to stop but I wouldn’t until he learned his lesson. Then once his bottom was nice and sore I cleaned him up and put him back in pampers like the diaper lover phone sex boy he is.



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