How I bought my first dress.

I was driving through a section of town that was not part of my usual route. I don?t recall why I was there, but as I was driving I caught site of something out of the corner of my eye. I was sure I was mistaken, but I thought I saw a store that had a large pink adult baby dress in the window. I immediately turned around and headed back past the store again, and there it was as bold as brass on a mannequin.

I didn?t know what to do. The store was a fetish shop, and I wasn?t sure if I should go in. What if I was seen? How would I explain myself? So I stood in front of the record store next door and stared at this most amazing site. I knew I should walk away but I couldn?t do it. I so desperately wanted to put that dress on. I wanted to be the baby girl I saw myself as, but was afraid of being discovered. I finally managed to walk back to my car and told myself I would just put this out of my mind. I can?t be sure if I knew I was lying at the time.

I started to drive by the fetish shop more frequently, looking at my dress. The more I saw it, the more I knew I had to try it on. I convinced myself that if I could just try it on once, I could finally purge this desire. So one fateful day, instead of standing in front of the record shop, I walked into the fetish shop.

I was a little surprised that it was so dark, even with the large front window. As I looked around at the usual displays of leather and other kink materials, I heard a voice from the back call out, “I?ll be right out.” In a matter of minutes a young girl with impossibly black hair, a tight leather outfit and piercings popped out from behind a curtain. ” Can I help you?” I suddenly felt nervous. I couldn?t think of how to ask about the dress. She smiled and said in a sly manner, “Maybe if you just pointed.”

I gathered my nerve and asked, “The baby items?” “We only have the one dress in the window,” she said, “but if you can wait ?til I?m done with the customer in the back I?ll get it out for you.” I was surprised. I had as much as confessed that I was an adult baby sissy, and she didn?t bat an eyelash. I felt so free at that moment. I milled around the store waiting for her return, but now more than ever my gaze returned to the dress in the window.

When she came out the second time she was leading a man dressed in drag. I moved away so not to be noticed. When he finished paying for his purchases, she looked at me and said, “Ok sweetie, let me get that dress for you now.” With that she stepped into the display area and picked up the mannequin, and brought it into the store. “You are going to look so cute in this,” she said.

She undressed the mannequin, placing the items on the counter. Suddenly she looked at me and said, “Are you wearing diapers?” It was so casual, so matter of fact, like she was asking if I was wearing shoes. “No,” I stammered. “Good,” she replied, “Health issues, you know.” She then gathered the items up, took my hand and led me to the back.

It was like a salon in the back. Changing rooms, full length mirrors, and places to sit. She led me to one of the changing rooms and sweetly said, “There you go. Will you be alright, or will you need some help?” I must have blushed four shades of red and said I?d be fine. “I?ll be waiting out here when you?re done, ” was all she said as she drew the dressing room curtain.

I must admit to feeling somewhat silly standing there, but I also couldn?t wait to try this magical outfit on. I quickly stripped and placed the entire outfit, dress, rhumba panties, and bonnet on. I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked odd, but I felt so right. The dress was a little tight across the chest., but the feel of the pink satin against my skin was intoxicating. I let my hand caress the front of the panties right over the bulge. I was in heaven.

All good things must end, though, so I took the outfit off and had just gotten my pants on, when the sales girl knocked on the outside partition. “Are you ready,” she asked? I told her I?d be out in a minute, but she could have the outfit back now if she wanted. With surprise in her voice she asked, “You took it off? Why? I wanted to see you in it.”

My heart leapt to my throat. This beautiful young girl wanted to see me in a pink satin baby dress. It was more than I dared hope for. “Hurry and put it back on, and let me see you,” she said.

I did as I was instructed, for the first time I was ina public place as the baby girl I always wanted to be. I was certain that the girl was going to fulfill my fantasy, and strike a dominant mommy demeanor with me. I was wrong.

“Yeah, that?s what I was afraid of,” she said. “A little tight across your chest. Get down and crawl for me.” I was eager to oblige, but all it rated was, “Do you wear cloth diapers?” I nodded. “Well those panties need to be bigger then. You know, I just had a great idea.” She left me there on all fours. I thought of getting up, but felt I should wait to be told. When she returned carrying paper and a pencil and saw me still on the floor she said, “What a good baby,” in that tone youg mothers use with babies. I was delighted.

“Stand up baby,” she commanded. I quickly complied and she had me stand ont eh paper. She traced around my feet, then she looked up at me, smiled and said, “Every baby needs booties.” She then went on to explain that her mother had made the dress for the store owner and could make another for me thatwold fit moreproperly and had booties, but it would take two weeks. I agreed quickly.

I left the store feeling lighter and refreshed. Just the knowledge that someone else knew I was a baby girl and accepted it so easily made me feel better about myself. It was a burden I didn?t even know I was carrying.

Two weeks turned into three but the wait was worth it. When I called the shop and talked to the sales girl, who?s name I learned was Marie, she told me to come in any time and try it on, but she insisted that I have my diapers on, “so we can see how your panties fit.” How my panties fit. She said it so matter of factly, like it was an everyday occurrence. I couldn?t wait to get there.

It was a warm sunny afternoon when I arrived. Marie was behind the counter and she was chatting with another young lady. She saw me and said, “I?ll be right with you.” I waddled to the other side of the store, as I didn?t want this second young lady to know my secret. I stood in front of a rack of fetish clothing, and I wondered as I looked down if anyone else noticed how the three cloth diapers I was wearing made me bulge front and back.

I was pulled from my musings when I heard Marie say, “Come on over sweetie, I?ve got your dress right here.” I turned and was surprised to see the second young lady was still standing there, and was now staring at me. I approached slowly, in the vain hope that this young lady might start to leave, but she never moved, never diverted her glance as I approached. Marie pulled a brown shopping bag from behind the counter, headed for the back and said, “Let?s get you dressed, baby.” I followed her, and to my surprise the other young lady followed me.

In the back, Marie showed me to the same dressing room I?d used before and motioned for her friend to sit. “You don?t mind if Lauren watches, do you? I told her about you and she was dying to see what you look like.” I shrugged a no, entered the dressing room and undressed.

I watched myself in the mirror as I transformed from adult male to diapered baby to sissy baby girl. The dress, rhumba panties, bonnet and booties were all done pink satin and white lace trim and rosebud decorations. I was still admiring myself when I heard the knock.

“Are you ready baby?” I said I was and walked out. Lauren?s eyes grew large, and she put her hand to her mouth. “Oh my God, you were so right. He is just adorable, or should I say she is.” That was it. I was a baby, and there was no sense in pretending otherwise.

I was made to model the outfit for them, including crawling on tall fours so they could see now the panties looked with diapers on. Lauren then commanded that I come over and get up on my knees. “Now suck your thumb like a baby,” she demanded and I complied. “This is just too much,” she said with a smile and got up. She went over and kissed Marie, whispered something to her, and left.

I was instructed to get redressed and come out front when I was done. I paid for my dress, and tried to see if I cold arrange to see Marie in a more social setting. “I?m sorry honey, but I am submissive too. I?d be more likely to wear diapers than change them. I did put Lauren?s card in your bag for you though call her.”