Mommies’ Secret Room

He stood outside the door, staring at the oaken frame. His hands brushed against the grain as his eyes went to the golden door knob. He wanted to remember everything about this, it would have to be a memory and no more then that. To write it down would be his undoing if it were to be found by his older sister or brother. He watched as his hand went to the door knob, it was cold to the touch and smooth. He turned it slowly, listening as it made that familiar click which always alerted him that his Mother was up for the day.

The door made a soft creeking noise as it swung open slowly. He closed his eyes, took a long deep breath, held it and let the comforting scent wash over him. I must remember this all he kept telling himself. The smell of make up, perfume, body lotion and a freshly laundered comforter which was hung out to dry earlier in the day meet him in greeting. He smiled and peered into the room. He was almost dizzy and stiffled a small giggle of nervousness. He put one foot on the pale blue carpet and went in. He knew where she kept them, he knew this was bad, but at the same time he could not get the thought of doing this out of his head.

He went to her vanity and sprayed some of her favorite perfume into the still air, breathed it in, smiled and moved on. This was his Mommy’s room, and he loved his Mommy so much, to be close to her and smell her special Mommy smell. To him there was nothing better then sitting on her lap, listening to her soft voice reading to him from one of his many books. It was a safe, wonderful place to be. To him this is what heaven must be like.

He lingered a little bit longer over the many trinkets, bottles and hair brushes before slowly moving on. He saw the tall thin cabinet. This is where she keeps them his little brain whispered. He ran his hand over the deep cherry wood, before slowly swinging open the doors. He was getting more and more excited. His little heart was pounding so fast as he opened the top drawer. There was a soft hissing sound as he slid it open, velvet, it was lined in velvet. He closed his eyes and reached inside, his hand brushed against the silk. He grabbed a hold of them. He was surprised to notice that he was sweating.

He held them before him, he was actually shaking. He bent over at the waist and put his foot inside the first leg hole then the second, he almost fainted as he felt the material whisp against his inner thighs and up around his waist. He stood there with his eyes closed taking it all in. The smells, the sounds of the traffic outside, his brother playing a video game downstairs, his sister talking on her cell phone about some boy, his Mommy in the kitchen singing along to a song while she made dinner, the warmth of the late evening sun streaming through the big window. It was all perfect, it was all he thought it would be….

Jeff woke up to the sound of his alarm, rolling to his side to reach over to turn it off. He shaved showered and got ready for work. He was an adult, an adult with the need to dream as a child. He pulled his boxers on, and let his fingers brush against the now well worn fabric of his Mommy’s worn panties which he lovingly wore beneath.