A stunning Pearl Lady is sitting on a bed and wearing a pearl white neck chain. She is also wearing hearing aids.
Mommy’s Loving Phone Sex Son
December 4, 2016
Pinky Girl, who is dressed in a pink clothing and a white diaper, is seated on a wooden stool.
Fun Day With Mommy Part 2
December 12, 2016


I love talking about sensitive topics as much as I love talking about sensitive places. Well let me tell you castration phone sex is definitely a sensitive topic about a very sensitive place! I know most women and mommies just use clothes pins or chastity belts to lock away and hide that disgusting thing between your legs. Well I’d like to take that a step further since this mommy lives on the more brutal and extreme side of the fetish world. I say screw tucking and locking things up, that’s just more hassle for me. I think we need a more permanent change. After all this problem wouldn’t of even came up to begin with if you were smooth down there. That’s why you need cock mutilation phone sex!



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