March 29, 2015

I love to play with Sissies

I am a sweet southern mommy, and I have to say, I have the
March 29, 2015

Boathouse Fun

March 29, 2015

Field of Flowers to play in~

Hi sweetie Mommy Lauren is so very excited to have you come over and play with her in this beautiful field of flowers. Is it not just the most beautiful place for a picnic or a game of hide and go seek? Of course Mommy will have plenty of her warm, sweet, milk on hand for you as always…Let’s spend the day together ok? Luv always, Lauren
March 29, 2015


March 29, 2015

Let's play dress up!

Mommy Lauren has a special treat for today why don’t we go look in my closet and get out all my pretty dresses, purses, hats, scarves and things and play a little dress up. Oh yippie yes yes how fun this will be. We can get all beautiful together and then Mommy L. will give you a very special make over hair, nails and jewelry too. I just cant wait to have fun with you darling. let’s play soon ok? Muah…luv you much, Lauren
March 29, 2015

Slumber Party!

OK, babies and Aby’s, DL’s and mommies and sitters Slumber Party night is on the 1st and the 15th of every month. Bring your diapers, jammies and sleepy time blankie. Dont miss out on the fun and bring all your friends! Click Here to join us in chat anytime! Lexus 1 888 430-2010
March 29, 2015

Sissy over mommy's knee

March 29, 2015

Spanking Mommy

I know you need a spanking! Naughty little adult babies aren’t going to be tolerated when Mean Mommy Lexus is here to set you straight. Discipline, enemas, bondage, humiliation, sissification and more! Do I have you shaking in your diapers yet? You should be! Mommy Lexus enjoys hearing your confessions, disciplining and punishing you, teaching you manners and obedience, and all kinds of role play scenarios. If you are a bad baby and you know it, Call Mommy Now because if you can learn to behave, you might get some special rewards. Mommy Lexus 1 888 430-2010
September 10, 2013

The New Nighttime Routine

Since that first time Daddy brought a stranger to fuck me while I was “sleeping” I knew I wanted more. And I really didn’t have to wait hehehe!! Every night now Daddy slips his special magic into my bottle… I’ve even seen him do it! But I pretend not to notice and then guzzle it all down! I’m not sure if Daddy knows or not, but the special baba doesn’t make me pass out really… it just makes it so I cant move! My whole body is completely limp and helpless; I’m totally at the mercy of Daddy and his special friends hehehe. I can still open my eyes, but I do it only the teeniest tiniest bit, peeking through my lashes so I can see the look on the guys face who’s using my body. And I can look at Daddy and see how much he’s enjoying the show… which he’s filming hehe. At the end of every session, Daddy takes the tape out and trades it with the man for a big wad of cash. That’s what happens every time. Now Daddy has more than one friend come over every night. Once there were six!!! They came through the door, one right after another, throwing my body around on the bed, flipping me over, bending me this way and that, slapping me, spitting on me, calling me dirty nasty names. It’s like because my body is so limp and I’m just a toy to them. Just a rag doll with holes to fill. I’m not a sweet lil girl, I’m not a sexy little slut, I’m a piece of fuck meat. And it makes me so wet and excited every single time!!!! Every time one of them drags me by my hair or spits in my face while he slams his cock into my tight little pussy, I want to scream and cry and beg for more, but of course I have to make sure I don’t even open my eyes too much. And at the end of the night, when all of Daddy’s friends have had their fun, daddy splays me out on the bed and cleans globs of thick creamy cum off my hot lil abused body. I don’t really know what this is all about… but I do know I love it… and I can’t wait to go to bed tonight and let the fun start!! Love, Lacy 888-430-2010
June 18, 2013

Sleeping Beauty Sex, pt. 2

Remember how I was telling you about that dream I had? The one where my Daddy and a stranger came into my room while I was sleeping… you know how I told you I thought the dream seemed really weird? Like… I thought maybe it really did happen… like maybe Daddy drugged me so I couldn’t move… and something big was gonna happen. Last time I told you how Daddy was filming while the stranger roughly rubbed and played with my pussy. I was laying there like a ragdoll, unable to move. It wasn’t long before the stranger got impatient and tore my panties off of me. He brought his hand down hard and slapped my pussy, then jammed his fingers up my tight little hole. The whole time Daddy sat at the foot of the bed and filmed us. The stranger’s rough fingers got me so wet, I was ready when he pulled his cock out of his pants. He rubbed it all over my face, slapping it against me cheek and mouth. Finally the stranger couldn’t take it anymore and he got down and shoved my legs apart so he could ram his cock up my cunt. My unconscious body flailed as he fucked me, the more my limbs flew around, the more excited he got, completely losing control, fucking me like an animal. He was close to exploding when he pulled his cock from my sopping cunt and threw my body over so I was laying flat on my face, and immediately he shoved his cock in my ass. He barely pumped three times before his cock exploded and he spurt his hot cum up in my sleeping body. When he pulled his pants back up and started walking out of the room, he stopped and made an exchange with Daddy. He handed Daddy a wad of cash and Daddy gave him the tape. And you know what? That was just the first time… since then… well, I’ll tell you later. Love, Lacy 888-430-2010
September 17, 2012

Late Nite Daddy

I have a special Daddy that loves to call me for late nite phonesex! I’m laying in my bed sleeping in a cute lace nightie and a thick white diaper when Daddy calls me. First he gives me a kiss… mmm it feels so good the way he kisses me! The next thing he asks is how many times I touched myself that day. Daddy knows what a naughty girl I can be… he asks me how many other guys and Daddies I’ve been with since the last time we talked. Then Daddy checks my diaper to see if its wet. He slides his hand inside and feels my diaper and pussy. Almost always my diaper is full of tinkle and my pussy is wet with excitement. Then Daddy has me lay between high legs, and lick his balls and then up his big hard cock. I kiss and lick and suck until Daddy can’t control himself anymore and he picks me up and whispers in my ear, “Where do you want it tonight?” Just the way he growls in my ear almost sends me over. Daddy always laughs because I can never pick where I want it. “Daddy maybe you can start in my bottom and then finish in my pussy…” I always whimper and he laughs and bends me over my big AB changing table. When Daddy slides it into my bottom I feel my knees get weak. He pumps my bottom until I almost explode and then he pulls out and slips his big cock inside my dripping pussy. Daddy fucks me harder and harder, he tells me I’m a good girl which ALWAYS gets me sooo excited! His growls get louder and gruffer as he pushes me till my pussy squirts cumming all down my legs and Daddy fills me with his hot load! I always sleep so well after I have a big intense orgasm. I can’t wait until my next late nite phonesex call! love, Lacy 1.888.430.2010
October 30, 2009

Night before

Its the night before candy day when all the diapered little ones can’t sleep because they know its so close to Halloween when they can be someone they usually can’t be in the usual day to day life but your all excited because you get to dress up and have fun in those cute costumes and go door to door for that candy everyone enjoys giving out to you but you like saying treat or trick i can just hear you in that sweet voice of yours say please and thank you so have a wonderful time my sweet diapered ones. So my darlings becareful and watch out for those cars as you cross the streets because as we know they don’t look out for you now do they so hold tightly to mommy’s hand so you can get back home safely. Minnie