March 29, 2015

Mommy Wants to FEED HER BABIES!!

HI BABIES!!! It’s getting chilly here!! You know what that means don’t you? My nipples are hard and my breasts are so full of milk ready to feed you! I just love cuddling up on the couch and putting you across my lap so I can feed you with my warm, sweet mothers’ milk. Mmmm, doesn’t that taste good. Suck in all down into your tummy so you can fall asleep in my arms. Then I will rub you and rockl you gently and you can cuddle with Mommy ALL NIGHT LONG….
March 29, 2015

Sweet as Sweet Can B

March 29, 2015

Who Are You?

March 29, 2015


No not the Television Station
March 29, 2015

Are you sad

March 29, 2015

Valentines Day

March 29, 2015

Diaper No No!

In my class playing in your diaper is a Big Fat No No! Playing in your diaper is only allowed when I have set aside time for such. You may not; I repeat May Not play in there without my permission. Now what should I do to teach you a lesson. Hmmmm. Ah, I know. *gets out the icy hot* Come to the front of the class Little Boy Larry, come on, do as I say! Right here in front of all your classmates. That’s it now take a seat here on the stool, crawl on up, there ya go. Okay, now let me pull down those pants and open that diaper. *hahahaha* I know this is so degrading isn’t it? Some Diaper Humiliation *everyone laughs at you* Now let Mizz Rebecca squirt out a large amount of icy hot onto your pathetic little wiener, there very nice shade of white. Now Little Larry, do show everyone how much you like to play inside your Diaper, go on now, rub your peepee *laughs hysterically* show everyone what it means to disobey me! Mizz Rebecca 1 888 430 2010
March 29, 2015


October 29, 2013

Nasty, Naughty Halloween Party!

This year I’m nasty, naughty, dirty little bunny Lacy!! Daddy’s letting me invite two of my friends over to put on a special show hehehe…. and then Daddy’s gonna invite a few of his own friends over to watch our special show! I almost never get to have naughty playtime with my friends, but I knew if I suggested that Daddy invite his own friends over to watch he’d like the idea. Especially since Daddy’s been having so many visitors in my room when he thinks I’m sleeping. I can’t wait to tell you all about the dirty fun I get into at our special Halloween party! Halloween’s always the best time to be a dirty lil slut hehehe!!!! Maybe after Daddy’s friends watch our special show, Daddy will let them have some more fun with me!! After all, I am Daddy’s little cock-sucking bunny! Love, Lacy 888-430-2010
September 10, 2013

The New Nighttime Routine

Since that first time Daddy brought a stranger to fuck me while I was “sleeping” I knew I wanted more. And I really didn’t have to wait hehehe!! Every night now Daddy slips his special magic into my bottle… I’ve even seen him do it! But I pretend not to notice and then guzzle it all down! I’m not sure if Daddy knows or not, but the special baba doesn’t make me pass out really… it just makes it so I cant move! My whole body is completely limp and helpless; I’m totally at the mercy of Daddy and his special friends hehehe. I can still open my eyes, but I do it only the teeniest tiniest bit, peeking through my lashes so I can see the look on the guys face who’s using my body. And I can look at Daddy and see how much he’s enjoying the show… which he’s filming hehe. At the end of every session, Daddy takes the tape out and trades it with the man for a big wad of cash. That’s what happens every time. Now Daddy has more than one friend come over every night. Once there were six!!! They came through the door, one right after another, throwing my body around on the bed, flipping me over, bending me this way and that, slapping me, spitting on me, calling me dirty nasty names. It’s like because my body is so limp and I’m just a toy to them. Just a rag doll with holes to fill. I’m not a sweet lil girl, I’m not a sexy little slut, I’m a piece of fuck meat. And it makes me so wet and excited every single time!!!! Every time one of them drags me by my hair or spits in my face while he slams his cock into my tight little pussy, I want to scream and cry and beg for more, but of course I have to make sure I don’t even open my eyes too much. And at the end of the night, when all of Daddy’s friends have had their fun, daddy splays me out on the bed and cleans globs of thick creamy cum off my hot lil abused body. I don’t really know what this is all about… but I do know I love it… and I can’t wait to go to bed tonight and let the fun start!! Love, Lacy 888-430-2010
June 18, 2013

Sleeping Beauty Sex, pt. 2

Remember how I was telling you about that dream I had? The one where my Daddy and a stranger came into my room while I was sleeping… you know how I told you I thought the dream seemed really weird? Like… I thought maybe it really did happen… like maybe Daddy drugged me so I couldn’t move… and something big was gonna happen. Last time I told you how Daddy was filming while the stranger roughly rubbed and played with my pussy. I was laying there like a ragdoll, unable to move. It wasn’t long before the stranger got impatient and tore my panties off of me. He brought his hand down hard and slapped my pussy, then jammed his fingers up my tight little hole. The whole time Daddy sat at the foot of the bed and filmed us. The stranger’s rough fingers got me so wet, I was ready when he pulled his cock out of his pants. He rubbed it all over my face, slapping it against me cheek and mouth. Finally the stranger couldn’t take it anymore and he got down and shoved my legs apart so he could ram his cock up my cunt. My unconscious body flailed as he fucked me, the more my limbs flew around, the more excited he got, completely losing control, fucking me like an animal. He was close to exploding when he pulled his cock from my sopping cunt and threw my body over so I was laying flat on my face, and immediately he shoved his cock in my ass. He barely pumped three times before his cock exploded and he spurt his hot cum up in my sleeping body. When he pulled his pants back up and started walking out of the room, he stopped and made an exchange with Daddy. He handed Daddy a wad of cash and Daddy gave him the tape. And you know what? That was just the first time… since then… well, I’ll tell you later. Love, Lacy 888-430-2010
May 5, 2013

Sleeping Beauty Sex

I had the strangest dream last night. When Daddy gave me my nighttime bottle there was something extra in it. Sometimes Daddy puts his yummy cum in my baba, but it wasn’t that… it was something else. Almost as soon as I started drinking it I felt me eyelids getting so heavy, I couldn’t stay awake, I just drifted off into deep heavy sleep. He didn’t say anything about it, but I know there had to be something in there. ‘Cause the dream I had in my deep sleep was just crazy. I dreamt that while I was sleeping Daddy and someone else… a stranger, came in my room. Daddy was standing back with a camera, he was making a movie. The stranger came over to my bed and pulled the covers off my unconscious body. I was laying on my tummy and my nightie was just barely covering my bottom. The stranger slid his hand up between my legs till it was up touching my panty covered pussy. He pulled my nightie up over my hips and smoothed his hand over one of my cheeks and smacking it hard. The stranger pulled my body over so I was laying on my back. He grabbed my face and slapped me hard… when I didn’t open my eyes or show any signs of waking up he smiled. He pulled my nightie off roughly. My sleeping body jerked around like a rag doll while he yanked it up, before dropping back down on the bed, my titties exposed and my pink nipples hard. The stranger looked back at Daddy, who was still filming and they smiled at each other while the man started sliding his hand down my tummy to slip under my panties. In my dream his fingers were calloused and rough and he didn’t touch me the way Daddy usually touched me. His wasn’t gentle or sweet. He was rough and he grabbed and rubbed my little pussy with greedy fingers. I think I better stop for now, Daddy is coming up with my bottle. I’ll tell you more about my dream later… it felt so real… Love, Lacy 1.888.430.2010